\\ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷\ transitive verb
: to form a square thread on

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  • square thread — /skwɛə ˈθrɛd/ (say skwair thred) noun a screw thread with a castellated thread profile, the width and height of the thread being equal to the width of the valley between the threads …   Australian English dictionary

  • square thread — noun : a screw thread so made that the sides, root, and crest of any section formed by a plane that passes through the thread axis are all equal theoretically to one half the pitch …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Square stitch — is an off loom bead weaving stitch that mimics the appearance of beadwork created on a loom. Loom patterns may be used for square stitch pieces. Because each bead in a square stitch piece is connected by thread to each of the four beads… …   Wikipedia

  • thread count — noun : count 8b * * * thread count noun A measure of the coarseness or fineness of fabric, corresponding to the total number of warp and weft threads in one square inch • • • Main Entry: ↑thread …   Useful english dictionary

  • thread count — noun a measure of the fineness of fabric; the total number of vertical and horizontal threads in one square inch …   Wiktionary

  • Acme thread form — Acme threads are a common screw thread profile, which offers high strength with ease of machining and assembly. Typically found where large loads or accuracy is required as in vises or the lead screw of a lathe. Standardized variations include… …   Wikipedia

  • Screw thread — Internal and external threads illustrated using a common nut and bolt. The screw and nut pair can be used to convert torque into linear force. As the screw (or bolt) is rotated, the screw moves along its axis through the fixed nut, or the non… …   Wikipedia

  • Buttress thread — form refers to one of several screw thread profiles. Buttress thread in machineryIn machinery, buttress thread is a thread form designed to handle extremely high axial thrust in one direction. (The resistance to axial thrust in the other… …   Wikipedia

  • ISO metric screw thread — The ISO metric screw threads are the world wide most commonly used type of general purpose screw thread.[1] They were one of the first international standards agreed when the International Organization for Standardization was set up in… …   Wikipedia